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Event Supporting Services

We are currently reevaluating our EYTCC event marshalling services. Our club events, rely on the good will of volunteers, to assist with coordination of members vehicles at our events. This for example, may involve ‘checking in’ vehicles at entry, and taking payments from late entries. Or it may involve directing vehicles to the correct area, and guiding their safe reversing / parking. Nothing too demanding.

Previously, these duties have been limited to just a dedicated few, who continue to offer their services. And now we would like to expand our selection of volunteers – by 1) improving support, 2) provide better information of what is involved, and 3) provide rewards through benefits.

By introducing a reserve of more volunteers to this essential service, from EYTCC Members, and Non Members – we hope to improve the service for everyone, and by having more people involved – reduce the time that each person will be assisting, by sharing duties.

For example – some maybe willing to assist early at the start of an event, for say the first hour or so – which incidentally, can appear to pass quite quickly. Others, may be quite happy to take over for an hour or so – say mid-morning, up until lunch time. And by splitting such duties, we hope that these essential roles will prove more appealing.

Each event requirements are different and unique – and it is our intention, that for those who do volunteer, their experience and enjoyment at that event, will be no less, if not more enjoyable than just being an attendee / member at that event.

The Benefits

Being an Event EYTCC Marshal – does NOT mean you are missing out on either the social aspect, nor viewing other members vehicles. The commitment, leaves you with plenty of personal time at the event – and with more volunteers, this will increase even further. As a Marshal, you will benefit from..

    • Introduction to other members which you may not necessarily / normal meet
    • Experiencing members vehicles from another perspective – in motion
    • Increased social involvement with other members, marshals and committee members
    • A good feeling through the sense of responsibility and personal achievement
    • The deserved respect of other members, and that of the committee

Our aims – to progress this service, are..

    • Include inductive information and guidance on all duties
    • Equipped with long-range two-way radio’s at larger events
    • Equipped with high-viz waistcoats
    • Recognition to volunteers, through our magazine and website
    • Special annual awards and recognition for those whom have assisted at several events
    • Dedicated marshals tent/marquee (at some larger events) 
    • Free transportation to and from the event, may be available to non-member volunteers

As detailed above, volunteering as an EYTCC Events Marshal, can be both enjoyable, and personally rewarding. And in some cases, you may only be helping for a couple, or few hours – leaving plenty of time to enjoy the day. Yet you will have made a profound contribution to the club, and everyone’s enjoyment.

If you enjoy looking round members vehicles – then obviously the better time to do this, is once everyone has arrived, and in place – which is usually after your duties have been completed – and of course, members are more likely recognise you, which is always a good ice-breaker, for having a friendly chat!

Volunteering your services, doesn’t commit you to events that you do not wish to participate in. We will inform you of which events are available for your services, and then you tell us where and when you can assist. In some instances, letting us know of your interest, may simply mean that you are on a reserve list, at events you are already attending – just in case someone else doesn’t, or things briefly become more hectic than envisaged.

Interested – or know of someone who may be? Want more information? Contact us below.

Yay! I’m Interested!

You don’t have to be an EYTCC member, to join us as a marshal. We may be able to provide transportation, to and from events. To register your interest – even if for only one or two events – so that we can provide more information, or to ask any questions, please complete this form..

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