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URGENTLY REQUIRED: Two open-top vehicles for Hornsea Carnival Parade (21st July) to transport the Carnival Royals and Mayoral parties, for around 1hr through Hornsea at 12.30pm. Interested? Please phone 07950 935511 or email Please let us know at if you’ve been able to assist. Thank you!

Beverley Midsummer event – mentioned in HU17

Sawdon Summer Extravaganza Village Summer Fair & Vintage Car Rally

Details now available, along with Event Entry Form here

East Coast Run Judging results here

All those members who are pre-booked for this event, should hopefully receive through the post, Event Class rear-view mirror hangers, new vehicle/member ID (tax disc style) disc(s) and a EYTCC membership card.

The disc – if you have more than one vehicle – are not vehicle specific at this stage, so if you have say two vehicles, and two discs, they can be put in whichever vehicle. We will be able to tie in specific vehicles to discs later, with our entry scanners.

Please can you make sure you have the discs fitted (where possible) and the hangers, hanging from your rear-view mirror, at the points of entry – at East Park and Sewerby fields – at the East Coast Run, to enable us to speed up the flow of entry. If like me, your vehicle has a split-windscreen, then you may need to exercise a little bit of creativity, so that the event marshals can readily read your details.

Other members, not yet in receipt of these items, will receive them in the near future.

Coming Soon: Commemorative Video – Celebrating 50 years of the East Coast Run – more info..

Vacancy – Events Team

We are looking for someone to join our Events Team in this voluntary role. If you have a love for the EYTCC, events, and/or classic vehicles and would like to get involved with the organisation of event bookings – then please get in touch! More details here.

Burton Agnes Hall Vintage Rally – Marie Curie charity

This event was an all round success! The weather stayed rain-free, and the sun made more appearances as the day progressed. We had a good turnout, despite earlier less favourable forecasts, and a good majority of members remained until mid/late afternoon – which is always appreciated, and important to the clubs reputation with our hosts.

There was a little confusion with conflicting entry signs, intended for public visitors, and not placed by ourselves., this will be addresses for future events.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of the volunteer marshals – whom without your support, the day wouldn’t be such a success as it was. 

We were aware of a minority, who attempted (and in some cases, maybe succeeded) to not pay as a late entrant – which is disappointing, as those payments were meant solely for the charity. There was even one Muppet, who had arrived very early, and placed a relatively modern vehicle, in a prominent position, with ‘for sale’ details on it. Worse still, was a ‘late admissions’ form, placed on the dash – which was not issued by us. This person was obviously trying to use our event, to advertise their vehicle – which is totally unacceptable – and will be investigated further. Next year, we will tighten up on our admittance procedure to ensure no repeats of these problems.

On a positive note, the event raised a total of £1,215.14 – for the Marie Curie charity. This breaks down as follows..

Donation from EYTCC – £700.00
Raffle – £183.50
Cake Stalll – £226.15
Goblet – £5.49

Mike and Kay, organisers of the fundraising – sends their ‘huge thank you’ to all that attended and contributed.

EYTCC Secretery, Bill Barrat – presenting the £700 to the charity fundraisers

Website News

  1. We now have a free classifieds section, accessible from the top main menu bar.
  2. We have now added a recruitment page for volunteer marshals (under the ‘About’ page menu – ‘supporting services’)


Website News

  1. We have just added a new section, to list other (non-EYTCC) events – which anyone can add to: here
  2. We have added two extra services to our events section, accessible from the drop-down menu, under ‘Events’. First, a ‘get directions’ which will help anyone plan their route options to an event, using Google maps. The other, is information pertaining to various event locations, with a 4-day forecast. So what will it be – hood up, or hood down?!

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