Membership Card and Disc Services

The main purpose for these cards and discs, are for security identification, and to assist in event entry, specifically when a member has forgotten to bring with them to an event, a stamped event entry card, or (issued online) entry pass. This is to safeguard against non-members (or those with expired membership) trying to access events under false pretences – as have happened on previous occasions.

  • Please remember, that these cards and discs are issued just once – for the duration of your membership, and not replaced annually. If you lose one, please let us know immediately using the form below, so that we can replace it, and cancel the old one on our system.
  • The numbers on the card and discs, are unique, and linked to your membership number – but do not contain your membership number – which can be found on your magazines address label.
  • It is advisable, to write your membership number on the membership card signature strip on the reverse – for reference – should you not remember your number.

Card and/or Disc(s) Replacement Form 

    *Your Name

    *Email Address

    Current Circumstances..

    I have never received a Card and/or Disc(s)I have lost/misplaced a Card and/or Disc(s)I require additional discs

    Not received - please select:Membership CardVehicle Disc(s)

    Number of Vehicles Showing this Season

    Number of Extra Disc(s) for Vehicles Showing this Season

    Please make sure you have provided us with the details of any vehicle you may be participating with at an event. This could have been on an entry form or online. If unsure, send us your vehicle details here. (opens in a new window).

    Lost / Misplaced - please select:Membership CardVehicle Disc(s)

    Number of Discs Lost / Misplaced

    Please can you list the numbers of any remaining discs you have (if any) in the box below, so that we can identify the numbers of the disc(s) that we need to cancel. If you can not send us that information now, then please do so as soon as possible by replying to the confirmation email that you will receive after submitting this form. Thank you.