Due to a heavy rain forecast, the Social Event which had been scheduled to be held at The Gold Cup, at Low Catton (near Stamford Bridge) – on the evening of Wednesday 21st May – has been cancelled. 


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Bernard Austin MESSINGHAM – R.I.P.

It is with a heavy heart, that we announce the passing of our dear friend, club member, and former Chairman. Our sincerest condolences go to Heather and family. Arrangement details below…

Suddenly at home, Saturday 15th October 2022 aged 81 years. Dearly loved husband of Heather. Loving father to Nigel, Daniel and Adrian, in-laws Sue, Jo and Ellen. A much loved granddad to Annie, Grace, Alisha, Emily and Kaelan.



Commemorative Video – 3 Decades of the EYTCC 

A New Special 3 x DVD disc set has been produced.

Lots of Nostalgia – 3 discs, over 6 hours – for only £12.

Disc 1 – Sept 2021 – The best of the Burton Constable Hall Rally – 1993 Season – Relive all these great memories – Hull – Beverley – Scarborough Road Run, Humberside Airport Rally, Visit of Concorde, Hornsea Pottery, Beverley Army Museum, Sewerby Hall, Humber Museum/Rolls Royce Visit, Beverley Evening Rally & Crich Tramway Museum. Including Classic car rides to many events.
Disc 2 – 2009 – 7 Events with Classic Car rides to all – Burton Constable Hall, Pocklington, Goathland (NYMR), Driffield Steam Fair – 2018 event + clips from 2009. Sewerby Hall, East Coast Run 2004, EYTCC visit to Humber Museum.
Disc 3-2011 – 2020 – 5 Events with classic car rides to all – Beverley Evening Rally,

Email Ian Wolstencroft at: iwolstencroft[at]
Or text / call lan on 07434 040391

30 Year Classic Car Tax Exemption?

If you have a classic vehicle approaching 30 years old, or between 30-40 years old – you may be interested in this.



Drive It Day – Road Run (any day)

This event was advertised to Members Only, in our April Torque Magazine. For those who did not take part – it’s not too late! Simply pick a nice day (weather wise) and follow the route i provided in the magazine – at a date and time convenient to you. The route details are also available at this website – for members only – here.

Membership Automatic Renewals

If you are an existing member, with automatic membership subscription renewal, with PayPal or Standing Order – then we still require you to update your contact and vehicle details with us annually, so that we can ensure that the details we hold on our secure (hosted on Google secure servers) database, are kept up to date and accurate, as required under Government GDPR data storage regulation. This can be done quickly online from here.

Events in 2021

We are currently preparing to resume our events, when the pandemic circumstances change, and it becomes legally and safely viable. Please watch this space for further updates – and meanwhile, stay safe.

No Events in 2020 – Why? (ARCHIVE)

Why have we been unable to put on any of our scheduled events? A small minority of people through social media, still do not seem to understand why we, the EYTCC, have not been able to host any of our 2020 events, when there have been a few organisations, who have had classic car events, such as Castle Howard (the venue and organiser) – albeit with lower attendances. The answer is quite simple:

The Government, following the initial lockdown, eased off the brakes on some commercial activities, as a means of saving businesses, jobs, and the economy. Hence businesses / commercial enterprises, had been able to continue with, or restart their activities to some degree, as long as they observed Government guidance. However, there has still been an element of health risk, for those businesses, and any attending pubic. And as public accessible venues (in addition to educational facilities) have opened up again – the genie has been let back out of the bottle – and the virus pandemic is once again rapidly circulating. This has, and will result in additional (unnecessary?) deaths, especially of the vulnerable – and ongoing health challenges for many, whom continue to suffer with ‘Long Covid’.

We, the EYTCC, are not a commercial enterprise or business – and as such, we have not legally had the same privileges to recommence our usual activities. In fact, each individual member of the committee (all volunteers) could have been personally liable for a fine of up to £10,000 each – if they had organised one of our meeting events. Also, it’s worth noting, that some of our event venues, had become unavailable because of the current situation, including of course – Sewerby Hall, and the Humber Bridge car park. So resuming our originally planned events during 2020, had never been a realistic option.

Our EYTCC – Thoroughbred Torque Magazine. Again, a small minority of individuals through social media, have been unfairly critical of the magazines content. It should be obvious to everyone, that we are obliged to give an update in each edition, on how the current pandemic is affecting our activities, and what our current and future plans are. It should also be obvious, that we are currently unable to provide content with regards to recent or forthcoming events, in a way we would have been able to, in any other year. However, our reference to the current status, is but only one of many other items to be found in the magazine.

The few volunteers that do contribute to the magazine, have continued to give up their time to create content, and fulfil our obligation in providing with the ‘annual membership’ – a monthly magazine – which is not the easiest task to do, on a regular basis during these times. Never the less, it’s worth observing that our magazine can prove especially useful for those members whom do not use the Internet.

It’s interesting to note, that in the majority of cases, those whom are quick to criticise, are usually those individuals whom never seem to contribute to the club in any way. And in these challenging times, it would be helpful if everyone could have some understanding and consideration of the facts behind the circumstances, and be constructive and supportive, rather than make any negative or unhelpful statements.

Anyone who would like to submit content for our magazine – which could even include some interesting information about your classic vehicle (with photo’s) can do so from here.

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Wolds Run – At Your Leisure!

Paul Keld has created a ‘Circular Wolds Run’, as detailed in our September magazine – by Steve George, ‘So what can we do?…’.

Full details are available (with a map and directions download) from here. You will need the password to access, as detailed in the magazine. This is for EYTCC Members Only, so please do not share the password with non-members.


— — — ARCHIVED NEWS — — —

Corona Virus – Latest Events Information

EYTCC Corona Virus

As you all will no doubt be aware – the situation regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic, has affected all of our scheduled events. This means that currently, all of our events have been cancelled for 2020 – although we are looking at other possible other activities – whilst observing guidance, the law, and Health & Safety.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, and observing government guidance – which currently still restricts public gatherings. This could also be escalated to more stringent controls, as it would appear pockets of higher outbreaks are occurring, following the easing off, of lock-down rules.

Please remember, the fact that the rules may have eased off, does not mean that the virus has gone away – and in fact most of the ‘easing’ has been done to help save businesses and jobs – which does not affect us directly, as we are all volunteers – and our priority must be with protecting lives, whilst observing government guidance and instruction.

Somebody has recently alleged on social media, that at least one other classics club is holding events. This does not set a president allowing everyone to do what they like. It could be, that others may not be observing the law, or Health & Safety. You may have even observed in some instances, such as with the re-opening of pubs, that some people seem to quickly forget to keep to social distancing, when back in a familiar setting. This is not only putting lives at risk, but also increasing the likelihood, of further lock-downs, which would be disastrous for many businesses – pubs included.

When we resume our events, we intend to do it safely. Our priority is always to ensure the safety of all of our members, our venue hosts, and the vising public. And whilst we are all missing our usual events – a little patience may be prudent – so that when we do recommence, our membership numbers have not suffered any losses to the pandemic.

Our magazine continues to be published, although may be delayed up to a week or so on some occasions. All contributions are sincerely welcome, and can be submitted here.

Useful Information: NHS | BBC | UK Government

We will be making our future event decisions based upon professional and Government advice.

The latest updates with regards to how we will be proceeding – will be announced here, and within the club magazine. We are providing a recorded message, on our events telephone number – for those without continual web access. This number is: 08436 410 230 – and calls are charged at local rates (which may be extra if calling from a mobile – depending upon your carrier). 

C-19 Stay Alert

Useful Information: NHS | BBC | UK Government


Please don’t forget to checkout or post at our Free Classifieds Section

Membership Card and Vehicle ID Discs

The main purpose for these cards and discs, are for security identification, and to assist in event entry, specifically when a member has forgotten to bring with them to an event, a stamped event entry card, or (issued online) entry pass. This is to safeguard against non-members (or those with expired membership) trying to access events under false pretenses – as have happened on previous occasions.

Are you using your correct Membership Number?

A few members are booking into events with the incorrect membership number – which is causing us a lot of problems, and a lot of extra (unpaid) work. Your membership number is displayed at the top-right of your magazines address label. It is NOT the number on the vehicle discs or membership cards. In some cases people are using a number close to their actual number, but with an incorrect digit. If uncertain, then please check your magazine label, or use our online search facility here:
Forgotten your Membership Number?

Members £5 Deficit on Standing Order Payments

There are still a number of members, whom may have updated their Standing Order amount with their bank, from £20 to £25, but not before their £20 payment was made, and therefore need to make the additional £5 payment – otherwise their membership will be marked as ‘Associate’, meaning vehicles can not be booked into events. Full details of payment options, including an online payment option, can be found from here.

Online Events Booking for Members

If you have already booked into events, and would like to book into additional ones, you can now do so online from here. Also, if you are a relatively new member, and have not got an event application form, you can download one from here, and book events online from here.

You can also let us know if you are unable to make it to an event, by cancelling here.

Have your vehicle or article featured in our magazine!

You can now submit articles – such as an editorial feature about your vehicle – directly, and including photo(s), via this website. Simply go to this page.

Membership Cards and Vehicle Discs

It seems some members may have been a little confused whilst renewing their membership, and believing that Vehicle Discs and Membership Cards are replaced annually – as was the case with the old discs.

This is not the case, the ‘dateless’ new cards and discs are designed to be effective, as long as your membership is active, and they are registered on our system.

Please do not leave your discs in a vehicle you are selling. If your card or disc is lost, then please notify us immediately, so that we can replace, and then delete any lost ones from our database – so that they can no longer be used.

Incidentally, the discs are designed to be placed within a holder on the windscreen – the type that originally held a tax disc. These are still readily available as they are used for parking permits, etc. If you shop online, you can buy these from eBay, starting at 99p inc. delivery. If you are having trouble finding a holder – then please get in touch.

Your Standing Order Payments

We’ve received quite a few Standing Order payments, for those whom pay this way, at the old membership fee amount of £20. Whereas the Membership for 2019 (as proposed and agreed at the 2018 AGM) is still great value – but now at £25.

If you haven’t updated your Standing Order arrangement with your bank yet – which in many cases can be done online, or a visit to your bank – then please do so ASAP. If your payment has already gone through to us for the old amount of £20, then please could you post us a cheque for the outstanding balance of £5 – payable to EYTCC and post to:  The Treasurer, EYTCC, PO Box 320, Beverley, HU17 0WA – and put your membership number on the back of your cheque. If you have not yet received your membership card and vehicle disc(s), please include a self-stamped addressed envelope – unless you have already done so with your renewal application form.

Online Membership Renewal

If you are looking to renew your existing EYTCC Membership, through our automated online PayPal payment system – from previously paying by another method – then please click here. You do not need to have a PayPal account, and can pay by card. Using this method, is not only easier for you, but reduces the work-load of our volunteer committee members. You can easily unsubscribe at any time from our website, or via PayPal directly.