Coming Soon – EYTCC 2019 Events calendar

This is our new – Limited Edition – High-Quality calendar. For more details – click here.

Commemorative Video – Celebrating 50 Years of the East Coast Run

50th ANNIVERSARY 1968-2018.

A New Special DVD has been produced of the 2018 Run.

All the Vehicles have been covered arriving at East Park and departing, in convoy on route, with rides in vehicles arriving at Sewerby Fields.

  • 120 minutes – plus – additional 2 discs of the 25th Annual Run, and runs in between.
  • Triple DVD for only £12.95. Proceeds to EYTCC and Cancer Research UK.

Order now – Telephone Ian on: 07434 040392. Email:

Sawdon Summer Extravaganza Village Summer Fair & Vintage Car Rally

Details now available, along with Event Entry Form here

East Coast Run – Judging results here

All those members who are pre-booked for this event, should hopefully receive through the post, Event Class rear-view mirror hangers, new vehicle/member ID (tax disc style) disc(s) and a EYTCC membership card.

The disc – if you have more than one vehicle – are not vehicle specific at this stage, so if you have say two vehicles, and two discs, they can be put in whichever vehicle. We will be able to tie in specific vehicles to discs later, with our entry scanners.

Please can you make sure you have the discs fitted (where possible) and the hangers, hanging from your rear-view mirror, at the points of entry – at East Park and Sewerby fields – at the East Coast Run, to enable us to speed up the flow of entry. If like me, your vehicle has a split-windscreen, then you may need to exercise a little bit of creativity, so that the event marshals can readily read your details.

Other members, not yet in receipt of these items, will receive them in the near future.

Coming Soon: Commemorative Video – Celebrating 50 years of the East Coast Run – more info..

Vacancy – Events Team

We are looking for someone to join our Events Team in this voluntary role. If you have a love for the EYTCC, events, and/or classic vehicles and would like to get involved with the organisation of event bookings – then please get in touch! More details here.

Hello, and welcome to our new website.

Mark Andrew Elvidge
EYTCC Chairman

The site is currently a ‘work in progress’, and therefore more detailed event information will be added to shortly. Additional – Members area, forums, and gallery etc., will become available soon.



We have introduced a new event application process, and the new application forms should now have been distributed with the latest club magazine – additional ‘members only’ copies can be downloaded from here, ‘non-members’ copies can be downloaded here.

This new process has in some way been brought about through necessity, as the original process (which was very intensive, and time-consuming) was previously administered by members of the committee whom stood down from their roles at our last AGM. This left us in a bit of a predicament – meaning that those taking on the tasks, have had to get up to speed relatively quickly, at an awkward and limited time.

It was considered a suitable opportunity to streamline the whole process, making administration much more straightforward – and providing some advantages to those applying for events. This will also increase security – safeguarding against fake entry passes.

The new event application forms enclosed with the club magazine, are also available to download from this website. Further details of the new administration process are detailed below. Later, we will also be providing the facility to book events online – although this will be delayed by a number of days, to allow equal opportunity to those wishing post their application via the Royal Mail.


Application forms for our events, for non-members, are now available to download from here, and can also be requested by post – postal address: EYTCC Events, PO Box 320, HULL, HU11 5QR. If requesting by post, please include a stamped addressed envelope – A5 or A4 size.

New application / entry administration process..

Previously, after selecting events which were of interest, and sending in your selection (on a tick-box form) you would then receive forms for each event. You would then need to duplicate information into each form, return them all with payment (and S.A.E), and then subject to admission criteria, receive all of the pass section of the forms back, for use at admission, by displaying in the windscreen.

The new process utilizes just one form, which contains all of the details of each event. You simply select your events with an ‘X’, fill out your personal and vehicle details, and return with payment (and a self addressed A5+ envelope).

Once processed by our events team, you will receive back, part of the same form. All of the events which you’ve been accepted for (subject to maximum numbers for that event) will have an official stamp next to them.

This one combined form serves as your entry pass – to be shown upon request at the events which you are booked in. Additionally, at the event, we will have details of all event entries, such as membership number (or assigned non-member number) and vehicle registration number(s).

Some members may initially miss the old system, but hopefully soon adapt, and appreciate the benefits. And just to reiterate, the benefits are..

Easier to make event applications – especially for multiple events. Less paperwork, all round – more environmentally friendly. Easier for the committee to administer. More secure against fake entries.

Looking ahead – we are planning to introduce a QR code system, with electronic scanning, to be incorporated into the windscreen displayed members pass. This will then allow entry marshals, to simply ‘scan’ the disk, to identify the member, access members details, including which events that member is booked into.

As you can appreciate – there are bound to be a number of teething troubles in fact it would be a miracle if there wasn’t. So please be patient, and bare with us, during this essential transition.

Mark Andrew Elvidge
EYTCC Chairman

Mark Andrew Elvidge – my 1953 Austin A40 Somerset Cabriolet, at Burton Constable Hall

Mark Andrew Elvidge – with my ex 1984 Royal Marines Land Rover 109 FFR (Mobile meteorological Unit) at Eden Camp

Mark Andrew Elvidge – my 1996 Chevrolet Dayvan – EYTCC Yorkshire Day